XBox One vs PS4

Xbox One And PS4 plus Call Of Duty: Ghosts overview a few years ago and what to expect.  Also, let me put my two cents into it about the systems themselves.  I’ve never been a fan of Activision’s publishing of Call Of Duty series.

I think things are getting pushed out way too fast so this means the quality is not there in all of the name of money-making.  FPS are so simplified these days that scrams and competition have become worthless.

Anyways, let’s get to the meat of the topic.

Xbox One:  I think they are more focused on the TV and interactive end instead of the gamers end.  I personally never liked their controls and the fact I have to pay for a service/membership.  It’s almost like buying or paying for internet twice, think about it.

PlayStation 4: I think that the PlayStation 4 has gone the right direction s to stay focused on the people that give you millions of dollars (gamers).

It is cool that the Xbox can switch back and forth between applications, TV, and so forth.  As a gamer, I can careless about these things.  If they are going to become like Direct TV, good for them.  I am a PlayStation fan straight up.  You can call it a poor mans machine or whatever.  For a machine that delivers better titles and functions, I love it.  The majority of the game developers for Sony push the system graphically better than Xbox.

XBox would be smart to take note from Sony.  If you want to get more subscribers, remove the membership forcing.  Build in game stores so people have a choice to buy.  Or promote things to wing users to buy.  The quality of people that pay and don’t are no different (ass hates come from all over).

I guess it really comes down to what you prefer.  The specs are being held quiet from Sony PlayStation about the PS4. With the Xbox, we have some idea of what they are packing into it but I’m sure not everything.