SONY PS4 Review

A glimpse of new sensation was first shown on 1 July 2013, at the E3 gaming show in Los Angeles, to the gaming The New SONY Play Station 4. Looking like two slabs of plastic fused, with well-hidden USB ports and power eject switch, and this modernized product of Sony cost $399. It is designed to place vertically or horizontally.

Sony has also made some interesting improvements in the game controller. With DualShock, ergonomically curved handles it includes touch-sensitive panel, PlayStation move integration and share button which will enable you to share game clips to Ustream with just touch of a button.

Other than this shoulder button positioning and triggers are much more comfortable. The touchpad feels smooth with a slight groove and depresses pretty easily. The analog stick also delivers an appropriate amount of feedback. There is even an eye camera available with it as an optional accessory.

The Games in Sony Play station 4 includes many but Destiny is likely to be the milestone for the device. Other games include Blacklight: A first-person shooter featuring run-of-the-mill FPS action with sharp and clean graphics, with smooth game’s frame rate. Warframe: it’s a third-person action, like blacklight another free-to-play title being ported from PC. Killzone: Shadow fall, the killer app of PS4 give you the freedom to complete the number of objectives given in any order you want. It is fast-paced with intriguing weaponry and a truly gorgeous look. Driveclub: In PS4 Sony is stressing accessibility and social playing most of all, and the game will take full advantage of the PS4′s connected nature.

You can make an avatar of your own picture taken right before the game which other racers can see in the game. You can also set challenges for your friends and you will even gain points for spinning. It won’t be wrong to say that it’s a user-friendly game. Knack: A game where a magical creature grows every time it destroys its enemies and at one level it could even shed his armor and become camouflaged to infiltrate a secure facility. Games exclusive to PS4 are Blacklight: Retribution, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Daylight, Dc Universe Online, Deep Down, Don’t Starve and many more

With PS4, due to Sony’s Android technology, you will be able to enjoy second screen experience, with the tablet being the key to the gameplay. You will be able to play games like Battlefield 4, Watchdogs and Tom Clancy’s The Division, all from the tablet while sitting on a bus. Other features include a Netflix app, a music unlimited app, Blue-ray player and a chance to download movies via the PlayStation Store.

Moreover, the Sony PS4 is not forcing gamers to connect their console to the internet every 24 hours, with free support of the games all across the globe. The focus here is very much about delivering a state of the art games machine and trying to deliver as many games as possible to those who aren’t fussed with anything. Sony is promising 100 PS4 games in the first year.