Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 was expected by all the diehard fans of Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 a few years ago. This latest edition is also available on Xbox 360 and not only on the latest Xbox One.

IGN’s hands-on with the game was displayed at the Tokyo Game Show where a demo/trailer was shown. The game then into production and was initialized into development for specific gaming consoles like PC and Xbox 360.

But things turned out differently when Microsoft released its new Xbox One which came with HD graphics and improved frame rate than the previous Xbox 360. That was the point the game developing team decided that the switch to the latest and updated Xbox One was a better choice and that the present game’s version would have damaged the sales of the Xbox One version of the game. Therefore the production of the game for the Xbox 360 was halted.

Due to the restlessness and enthusiasm of fans and media, rumors and false news started to shoot off which had nothing to do with reality. For this reason, Microsoft and the Dead rising 3 developing team had to issue an official statement in order to stop this rumor from spreading.

The game as shown on the demo and trailer is much more exciting than the previous versions and has much better gameplay, video quality and frame rate than its predecessors. So it is going to be a bonus for the fans as they will get a top-notch game along with a top-of-the-line gaming console on the same date.

The Evil Within – Extended Gameplay

After the huge success of Resident Evil game series, Shinji Mikami came up with another horror game which developed by Japanese Gameworks Studio and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game was announced in April 2012 and was released in 2014 on all major gaming platforms.

It is a hardcore survival horror video game which has a strong storyline to it. It is a story based on Japanese Psycho Break in which a Detective/Investigator Sebastian Castellanos along with his partner go to the site of a horrific mass murder without knowing about the dangers and mysterious powers waiting for them. All of his fellows and other policemen get killed and in the end, Sebastian is also attacked and becomes unconscious.

When he wakes up, he is present in a land where monstrous creatures are present. In order to escape from this unknown world filled with threats, he has to keep his focus right and try to understand the situation.

He has to kill these monsters, set up traps, use their weapons in his favor and do everything necessary to survive. He also has to control his close friend’s insanity so he can break out of this place. Sebastian has to use all his skills and mind power so he can face his fears just to survive a journey in order to find out what lies in the darkness of that mysterious force.

The Evil Within is a real thriller and the next big horror game after the legendary series of Resident Evil. A short trailer was also launched so gamers and critics can know about the game and its gameplay. The Evil Within will be released on all the famous gaming platforms such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.


Grand Theft Auto whose official abbreviation is GTA is a video game which is released by the Rockstar Games is related to gangsters, gunshots, stealing and much more adventure. You have to complete the missions that are assigned to you.

This game has an American setup, showing the life of Americans. This video game is full of action and adventure. The gamers are glued to their seats with anticipation and excitement. Over time the creators of Grand Theft Auto have been successful and now this game is available on PlayStation as well. The game feels very much real and near to real life.

GTA5 is basically being released for Xbox 360, PS3 consoles. It not yet sure whether it will be available on PC, Wii or in some application.GTA 5 is an enthralling video game in which there are many modern features.

For example, you can switch players. As you know there are three players in this game. Another very exciting feature is that you can fight and complete your mission from the character’s view. You can also amend the way you complete your mission. It can happen if you carefully and swiftly change your character.

The way you see your mission changes when you change your character. An awesome feature is that after or behind your mission you can switch characters as well and have a look at their normal life, what they’re doing and you can even have a conversation with them. The graphics of this video game are implausible. In the version, that is, GTA5 you are given alt of power. You can decide how to complete your mission; you can choose which character to take along with. You can also choose the setup yourself.

To glue the gamers to their seats and screens the Rockstar Games have added many mini-games in the video game itself. These mini games include tennis, scuba diving, hunting, cycling, skydiving, gambling with the stock market and the list goes on and on. As been told above, these games a part of the original game but all these mini-games are not a part of the missions. They are just for the sake of leisure and luxury of the players/characters.